Adopt a School

As one of the first steps taken towards our goal of empowering the youth, STS Enterprise adopted its first school, Cummings, which is comprised of both an Elementary and Middle School. Visits are made to Cummings to check on the academic progress and behavior of the students. With high importance being placed on academic excellence, STS Enterprise participated in TCAP Week by making a school-wide card for students to sign to prove their commitment to excel in their TCAP Exams, and by handing out letters of encouragement to the students in order to remind them that “They Do This”. Rewards are given to students who show an improvement in grades and/or behavior. At the end of the 2012-2013 school year, STS Enterprise hosted a pizza party in celebration of those students who kept their word and “Set the Standard” in the classroom. Rewards were also given to select students who showed improvement in their grades and/or behavior.