Memphis Cleanup: City Pride

This event was created to gain involvement from individuals who didn’t live in the unpleasant appearing neighborhoods and to encourage them to take interest in the maintenance of a neighborhood in need.

Here is the Breakdown of the cleanup; it is a 3 phase operation that focuses on one community during each summer. These are the 3 phases:

Phase 1 Cleanup
This phase is self-explanatory; you go into the neighborhood, pick an area and perform a cleanup.
Phase 2 Restore
In this phase, we will pick an area that may need some things painted, flowers planted, new numbers for the address and we do those things in order to upgrade the appearance.
Phase 3 Checkup
This phase is where we go into the neighborhood at the end of the summer, back to the area we cleaned and restored, and check with the residents who live there and see if they can pinpoint any improvement from our involvement.