Support STS

When you donate to STS Enterprise, no matter how big or small, your contribution is whether it be a monetary or non-monetary donation; your support allows us to make an impact in Memphis.

STS Enterprise Wish List

  • Mentoring Program
    • Sponsor a meal
    • Donate Incentivized gifts (Cologne, shirt & ties, gift cards, game tickets, and etc.)
    • Job opportunities
  • Community Outreach
    • Sponsor Breakfast or Cookout *Generally cost around $200*
    • Sponsor Christmas presents for our Seniors
  • Public Speaking
    • Invite us to your event to speak
    • Tell other about us
  • STS Elite
    • Speaker Series (Come speak to our College group)
    • Mixer (Sponsor/Attend/Panelist)
    • Provide a Job Shadowing
    • Sign up to be Mentor
    • Portfolios (Help us get our students portfolios)
    • Internship Opportunities
  • Business
    • Sponsorship Pledge (Amount varies)
    • Endorse STS - Through Video or Testimonial
    • Serve on Board of Directors or Advisors
    • Partnerships
  • Items we are looking to purchase
    • STS Emblem ($300 for 100) – This will serve a reminder for our youth and college student to Make Excellence the Norm.
    • T-shirts


Monetary Donations

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Non-Monetary Donations

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