About Us

STS Enterprise Corporation – A 501 c(3) leadership development of organization dedicated to developing and empowering the next generation of leaders. We will be the preferred leadership development organization for high school and college students.

Our Mission

Empowering youth and college Students to “Make Excellence the Norm” through authentic leadership development programs.

Our Vision

Our aim is to develop future leaders by encouraging them to exceed expectations, defy stereotypes, and create a mindset that is unyielding.

Our Core Values

Authentic | Transformative | Excellence

Our Culture

Humility | Tenacious | Family Oriented | Innovative | Results Driven





Our Programs

STS Enterprise has two main programs that allow them to impact youth and college students all over:

  1. STS Mentoring Programs
  2. STS Elite

Mentoring Program Outlook - The STS Mentoring Program is designed to empower underserved men and women to become leaders and to help them obtain post-secondary opportunities.

STS Elite Outlook: – This program is designed and geared towards developing, preparing, and empowering college students to be competitive and successful in the workforce.

Our Services

STS Enterprise has two services that allow them to impact youth and college students all over:

  1. STS Speaks
  2. STS Serves

STS Speaks Outlook: – This program is designed is to empower the lives of youth and college students through stories, workshops, and lectures.

STS Serves Outlook: – This program is designed creates volunteer opportunities for youth and college students to give back to the Memphis Community.